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P.F. Kozak is an author of erotic romance and fiction. She writes for passionate women who are in touch with their sexuality, sensuality, and feminine beauty. Her site features erotica in words, and pictures of men for women by photographer Za-Hazzanani.

P. F. Kozak has had a unique perspective on sexuality since she discovered playing doctor, long before puberty. Once her hormones blended with her imagination, exotic erotic fantasies were born, and stories filled her head. At university, she majored in English writing and theatre, intending that writing would give the burning in her belly a voice.

As life often does, it made other plans. Getting married and earning a living supplanted the dream of writing. Her skill with computers paid the bills. Seemly of its own accord, her career morphed into being a Network Administrator and Communications Specialist for an international shipping company. Writing became her hobby, rather than a career.

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Za-Hazzanani has held a life-long relationship not only with the camera, but also with male erotica. Brought up in a traditional Muslim family, Za-Hazzanani’s early enthusiasm caused some difficulties. Now, far from her hometown and the days of risqué amateur snapshots, she nevertheless continues to shock and surprise, and attract attention to her artistic treatment of the male body.

Za-Hazzanani, who goes by a single name like Cher or Madonna, is one of four photographers showcased in a new book entitled Man: Photographs of the Male Nude. She is the sole woman in Man, not to mention one of the few female photographers in the world who specializes in male erotica—and perhaps the only one raised a Muslim. Aside from art books, her work is used for calendars, posters and postcards.

The energetic Za-Hazzanani was born into a prominent Orthodox Muslim family made up of landowners and police officers. In London, she often goes out in a disguise because her work has got her in trouble with the local Muslim community. As a child, her family resided in the Islamic Russian province of Uzbekistan, just north of Afghanistan. Later they moved to Italy where she would eventually model on the catwalks of Milan.

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